Sustainability At Work

Check out some ways to turn your office or workplace into a more sustainable place to be. 

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Lights out

Switch off lights in areas when not in use


Put your computer on standby mode when away from your desk

Transport to meetings

Use video-conference tools when possible to avoid unnecessary transport to meetings

Say no to single use packaging

Use a reusable cup for your takeaway coffee and reusable containers for your lunch

Recycle more

Recycle all paper – they make great notebooks or paper aeroplanes


Avoid printing when possible to reduce paper use.

When printing, always print on both sides,check duplex printing is switched on in your print settings

Switch of

Switch off computers and monitors and electrical equipment at night

Heating and cooling

Keep your temperature settings at 18-21°C in winter, 23-26°C in summer, to help keep aircon costs down

Encourage reuse

Create an ‘exchange box’ where employees put second hand objects they no longer use

Indoor plants

Bring the outdoors in, and improve air quality with some plants

Avoid waste

Buy sugar, coffee, teas in bulk to cut down on waste

Reduce water use

Signal any leaks that you see: one leaking tap can waste more than 2,000 litres a month!

Rinse dishes in a plugged sink - it's just as easy and effective as under a running tap

Share good news

Encourage others by sharing actions on your intranet, newsletters, emails or posters

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