Wildlife and Bushland

Bushland_and_wildlife_page.jpgDespite being just 10 kilometres from the city, we are lucky have unique natural bushland pockets and 50 native animal species on our doorstep.

And did you know that research shows time spent in nature and gardening can improve wellbeing and overall fitness?!

What can we do?

With a bit of help, we can help Mother Nature thrive whilst also giving ourselves a health boost:

  • Join Living Connections for free plants and garden habitat advice 
  • Volunteer for Bushcare program
  • Plant native species in your own garden
  • Create street gardens or join a community garden
  • Request a tree for your nature strip
  • Get out amongst it – try a walk in Bronte Gully and along coastal cliffs

Find out more

About wildlife in Waverley and how Council is helping to keep it thriving.

Top tips for a small bird friendly garden

Resources to help you on your way

Wildlife and Bushland

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