Water_page.jpgLiving on one the world’s most iconic and beautiful stretches of coastline, water isn’t just a part of the environment – it's part of our identity.

We are lucky to swim and play in our beaches and ocean pools all year round. We also enjoy fresh, clean drinking water out of the tap in our homes and businesses.

When the water is flowing, it’s easy to forget we are on the driest continent on Earth.

So, what can we do?

Take simple actions to prevent muck and money going down the drain:

  • Pick up litter to minimise stormwater pollution into our waterways
  • Reduce water use at home, in apartments and at work (think power showers)
  • Recycle as much water as possible

Find out more

How Council is helping to make water conservation and improved water quality second nature.

Resources to help you on your way

Water Checklist

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Saving Water in Apartments (Webinar)

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