Digital Tools

Check out these great digital tools to help you on your journey.


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    Developed by a Bondi local, this app helps you track and share the positive impact you have on the world with actions you can take each day.

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    This free app has been created for those of you who have one or more meat-free days a week. It shows you how your meat-free days are improving your health and your world.

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    Use this free app to find out where and how to recycle over 250 items. 

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    Easily track your climate actions, and to see how much carbon pollution you have saved that day.

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    Style your space with plants before you buy using this clever tool.

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  • Save money on your utility bills and do your bit to tackle climate change. Now there’s a win- win for you with this App!

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  • Good On You App: Thousands of brand ratings, articles and expertise on ethical and sustainable fashion.

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Behaviour Change and Sustainability E-Book (Downloadable PDF)

Developed by Council, this e-book offers great insights and tips on how we can encourage change through digital communications, and how this can complement on-the-ground work in the community.

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