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Plans, bans and policies: Where are we up to with plastics?

For the past 100 years since their invention, plastics have revolutionised packaging for everyday products around the world. However, the 3.4 million tonnes used by Australians, or 136 kilograms per person, in one year alone has created significant environmental challenges including pollution of lands and waterways.

The good news is that the tide is turning on plastics at a government level to drive change from the top, as well as via simple actions taken every day by every one of us.

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published Water savings for apartments in Get Involved 2021-06-23 11:35:46 +1000

Water savings for apartments

WaterFix® Strata: Cost savings opportunity for apartment buildings

Many apartment buildings are literally pouring money down the drain by unintentionally wasting water. The WaterFix® Strata service helps apartment buildings save on water bills with simple fixes (average 30% savings!). 

It’s an affordable tailored service for apartment blocks to:

  • Assess your building's water use performance
  • Fix leaks inside apartments and common areas
  • Install water-efficient devices in apartments

This initiative is a collaboration between Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils & Sydney Water.

How to take part? Simply register your building for a free water efficiency assessment, and Sydney Water will provide advice on next steps.

Find out more: Visit

Kicking the takeaway cup habit: Interview with Sondra Beram, bRU Coffee

Sondra Beram is one of the smiling faces you’ll find behind the counter at North Bondi’s popular bRU Coffee.  As owner and operator, Sondra has been successfully helping customers move away from disposable to reusable cups for their caffeine fix. We spoke to her about this as well as and a big idea she’s hatching with another notable local – New York Times bestselling author and climate motivator Sarah Wilson.

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Get started with cloth nappies: 4 friendly tips

Cloth nappies are making a huge comeback amongst parents eager to reduce plastic disposable items or save money. It’s sobering to find out that almost 800 million disposable nappies end up in Australian landfills annually, meaning a stack of hard-earning money has just gone to ‘waste’, quite literally.

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published Solar for Apartments - Things to know in Blog 2021-03-22 20:57:28 +1100

Solar for Apartments - Things to know

Australia now boasts the highest rate of household rooftop solar in the world. With the promise of cheaper electricity from solar panels, decreasing technology costs and climate change action top of mind amongst many, it’s not surprising that residents living in apartment blocks are keen to get some skin in the game.

Here we unpack some of the key benefits of solar power for apartments, plus considerations and challenges. We also ‘shine’ a light on a couple of local buildings that have made solar happen.

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Can we build resilience in our children through nature?

Can we build resilience in our children through nature? Michelle Carrick, Council’s Manager of Children and Family Services, reckons we can.

Marrying her passions for teaching kids and environmental education, Michelle has been delving into the long-lasting benefits that play-based learning and ecological experiences have on a growing person’s wellbeing and academic success.

We talked to Michelle to find out more...

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Compost Revolution turns 10: From little things big things grow!

It’s party time - for all local and Aussie home composters and worm farm-ers! This month we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the now-national Compost Revolution program.

From humble beginnings as a pilot in Sydney’s eastern suburbs to help reduce food waste with community composting stations and face to face workshops, the program can now lay claim to turning over 60,000 households’ food waste into free fertiliser for gardens across Australia every week.


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A force for good in fashion: Interview with Sandra Capponi

Melbourne girl and co-founder of the global digital platform Good on You, Sandra Capponi is a pioneering force in the field of sustainable fashion.

She was crowned one of the world's top-50 "badass women" last year by America’s InStyle magazine, alongside pop star Rihanna, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg and Google CFO Ruth Porat. The list celebrates women from around the world who are driving change in fields such as science, social justice and politics.

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published Making your money matter on climate change in Blog 2020-05-29 16:44:54 +1000

Making your money matter on climate change

Local resident, climate change expert and global activist Blair Palese is co-founder and former CEO of Australia and helped organise Australia’s national fossil fuel divestment campaign that’s been part of the global divestment movement to move money out of fossil fuels.

In this blog she shares her ideas on what you can do to make a difference with your cash and voice.

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Thanks for joining our Second Nature community for doing good in the ‘hood! 

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You will receive free news, tips, programs and fun events to help you on the journey to make sustainability second nature.  


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published Reusable coffee cups frankly make sense in Blog 2017-04-03 08:40:22 +1000

Reusable coffee cups frankly make sense

Interview with Benjamin Young from Frank Green  

We love coffee so much that we drink it by the bucket load, three million cups a day to be precise. The number of take away coffee cups that end up in landfill has been quoted as anything from 500 million to one billion a year.

So what is the deal with so many coffee cups ending up in landfill? And what are the solutions?

I caught up with Benjamin Young who has been on a journey to launch his reusable cup company Frank Green.

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published Six technologies for climate friendly living in Blog 2017-04-03 08:37:24 +1000

Six cost-saving technologies for climate friendly living

This March marks the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour, a global initiative for raising awareness on climate change and ways to combat it.  While progress has been slow, climate-friendly living has never been easier and more cost-effective now with low-carbon home solutions on our doorstep.

Better yet, these cheaper technologies today also mean bigger dollar savings for people doing the right thing: "The beauty is that the desire for low bills and low environmental impact now lead to the same answer - energy efficiency and solar," says Damien Moyse, Energy Projects and Policy Manager at the Alternative Technology Association.

There is still huge potential to grab these benefits locally, since our homes are getting more energy-hungry. Electricity demand in our area climbed last year, according to recent Ausgrid data. Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs also has one of the lowest uptakes of rooftop solar power compared to other regions nationally.

So as Earth Hour asks populations worldwide to ‘switch off’, consider switching to these alternatives to shrink your carbon footprint and boost your bank balance over the long-term. Let’s make that second nature!

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