Mindful decluttering during lockdown

Posted on 01 September 2021

Life in lockdown continues to challenge our community in new ways. With spring on our doorstep, and more of us working and schooling from home, it’s tempting to tackle those nagging cleaning and decluttering projects, possibly resulting in a small mountain of stuff we no longer want or need. There is no better time to learn a few good tricks for turning our trash into treasure, so we can mindfully manage the excess.

Plan for a fabulous Garage Sale this November

Garage Sale Trail returns in 2021 with an online focus. Gather up those treasures that are no longer serving you, and get ready to sell, sell, sell this November. Registrations for your online storefront open 13 September and Waverley Council will provide plenty of support to help you make your digital garage sale sparkle.

Garage sale trail promotion

Before you book a Council collection, call the Bower

The Bower continues to operate during lockdown. They will accept a variety of good condition items to resell or rehome to those in need. Check the list of accepted items, then use the easy online booking form to request a collection from your home. This helps us transition to a circular economy and help those who need it the most. Learn more.

Give your mobile to someone who really needs it.

Repair and reuse before recycling! The Reconnect Project is closing the digital divide in Australia by providing refurbished devices to people in need, connecting them with family, friends and essential services. They accept all makes of mobile phones, tablets and laptops regardless of age or condition. You can mail in your device with instructions here.

Never be bored with cardboard

Got kids at home? Turn those extra cardboard boxes into a cubby house. When you’re finished, turn breaking down the box into small pieces part of the game! This will ensure your blue bin doesn’t fill up and you have room to keep recycling.

child hiding in cardboard box cubby

Turn your old textiles into cleaning cloths

If you have torn, stained or otherwise unwearable clothing or sheets on hand, recycle them at home as cleaning  rags. There’s a good chance this is what your grandparents did too. If you want to raise your zero-waste cleaning game even further, make a simple cleaner by soaking citrus peels in white vinegar.

Give your compost some carbon

Carboard and shredded paper can add much needed carbon to balance out your pile.  It will break down better if torn into pieces and soaked in water first. You can also compost 100% natural fibre clothing, such as linen and cotton.

Keep electronic waste and small appliances out of landfill

Arnie’s Recon is a social enterprise that will collect electronic waste and small appliances like laptops, microwaves, washing machines, cables and more to save them from landfill through reuse or recycling. Find out when the next collection happens in your neighbourhood.

Drop batteries, soft plastic and more, in store

Combine a socially distanced grocery shop with dropping your small problem wastes for recycling. Aldi accepts batteries, Officeworks accepts small e-waste, mobile phones, printer cartridges and pens. Woolworth’s and Coles recycle clean, dry soft plastic through the RedCycle program.

Get expert tips on living with less

Join expert professional organiser and trained interior architect Susanne Thiebe for an online workshop, all about reducing clutter and housework, and reclaiming breathing space in your home. Susanne’s honest and practical educational talks have helped many people come to a deeper understanding of how to create change for themselves — to live a life with less stress and more serenity.  The online workshop is free, but registrations are essential. Book now.

Struggling with too much stuff?

Catch local climate motivator Sarah Wilson in the ABC’s Compass episode ‘Too Much Stuff’ to explore why we have a hard time resisting new things, even when it doesn’t make us happy or provide the connection we crave, plus some inspiring alternatives. Catch it here


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