Free Webinar: Introduction to electric vehicles

Find out the latest information about electric vehicles and charging stations from Randwick City Council and the Electric Vehicle Council.

Are you considering an electric vehicle (EV) as your next car? Have you seen more electric vehicles and charging stations on your local streets?

Join this webinar to hear the most commonly asked questions about electric vehicles, including:

  • How much do EVs cost and which models are available?
  • How does charging work, how long does it take and what is their range?
  • Are EVs cheaper to run and service?
  • Do EVs produce less greenhouse gas emissions?
  • What is happening in Australia’s electric vehicle market and what’s next?
  • What should be considered when purchasing an EV?
  • Are EVs available as hire cars?

This free online information session is brought to you by Randwick City Council and the Electric Vehicle Council.

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September 19, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4pm

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