Enews Survey - Main findings

Posted on 29 September 2016

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback to our Enews survey (Sept 2016). We received 153 responses with positive feedback and great ideas. 

See below for key findings.


85% of respondents are regular readers of Enews

94% believe Enews is a good source of information about Waverley Council’s environmental projects/programs and green living in our local area.

In upcoming issues, people would like to see more of (in descending order of popularity):

  • Local events/workshops (70%)
  • Council-run projects (what we are doing in-house and in the community to reduce environmental impact) (64%)
  • Top tips (58%)
  • Stories / information on local plants and animals (48%)
  • Blogs on green living topics (41%)
  • Sydney-wide events/workshops (40%)
  • Success stories and case studies (40%)
  • Feedback on Council environmental targets (32%)
  • Topical news stories (19%)

Frequency: 80% like to receive Enews monthly, 12% every two months, 9% quarterly

Layout/design: Over 80% thinks the layout and design is basic and appropriate, or appealing. 16% suggested improvements.

Guest blogs: 26 respondents would like to and provide topic ideas (e.g. backyard gardens, beginners guide to zero waste, medicinal plants, cycling)

Oh, and we loved your comments like this: “I do get excited when I see the email in my inbox!”

We'll be reflecting your feedback in upcoming issues. We'll also be reaching out to those of you who suggested guest blogs. Stay tuned.

We welcome your feedback anytime, as always - just email [email protected] 

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