Climate and Energy

climate_and_energy_page.jpgLet’s face it, climate change is a big and hairy issue.

Every day, the fossil fuels we use for power and transport, and the rubbish we send to landfill, generates greenhouse gas emissions that negatively impact our climate.

But we can each make simple changes to reduce our carbon footprint, and save cash at the same time.

So, what can we do?

It’s about making choices like:

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Considering installing solar at your home? Watch these handy video's* that answer the most commonly asked questions like: how does solar actually work; how to calculate your potential savings; how to avoid dodgy solar companies and the best panel position on your roof. 

Check out how Council is reducing its own carbon footprint.

*Council is providing general video information about solar power from SolarQuotes. However please note that this is not an official endorsement of Solarquotes as a service provider to seek solar quotes. 

Resources to help you on your way

Climate and Energy Checklist

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Green electricity: Your questions answered (WEBINAR)

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Solar for Apartment Buildings (WEBINAR)

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Simple money-saving energy hacks at home (WEBINAR)

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Climate impacts on oceans and coasts & solutions (WEBINAR)

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