Compost Revolution turns 10: From little things big things grow!

Posted on 30 September 2020

It’s party time - for all local and Aussie home composters and worm farm-ers! This month we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the now-national Compost Revolution program.

From humble beginnings as a pilot in Sydney’s eastern suburbs to help reduce food waste with community composting stations and face to face workshops, the program can now lay claim to turning over 60,000 households’ food waste into free fertiliser for gardens across Australia every week.


To mark this monumental milestone, we share 10 awesome facts and stats from this composting journey to date, including a special offer for newbies who want to join this ‘revolution’.

1. It takes 3, baby!

Waverley, Woollahra and Randwick Councils started Compost Revolution as a joint 3-Council community initiative promoting home composting, growing food locally and connecting with your neighbours. 

2. There are now 33 councils participating nationally

After significant success in its initial 3 years in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Compost Revolution was licensed to a local-based social enterprise Revolution Apps to on-sell the digital component of the program to other councils. Cheers to you Dave Gravina and co!

3. It’s simply online

Residents join at, and after completing a quick online tutorial and quiz, get their discounted compost bin or worm farm, with free worms delivered to their door. It’s that easy.

4. More than just houses

The program also offers support and resources for schools, businesses and apartment buildings with up to 5 compost bins or worm farms. There’s also a network of Public Place Composting sites, where residents can compost their food scraps, even if they don’t have space at home. In recent years we have been loving ShareWaste’s network of compost givers and takers.

5. TV takes it mainstream

When ABC-TV’s War on Waste TV doco-series profiled Compost Revolution in 2018, there was ‘revolutionary’ 379% increase in new households signed up from previous average yearly figures. Worm demand increased so much that all live worm suppliers in Victoria and NSW were out of stock for two months following the May broadcast.

6. A hefty trophy cabinet

Thanks to the food recycling efforts of thousands of homes, the program has won recognition with a few awards: 2012 Local Government & Shires Award, the much coveted 2017 Green Globes Award, 2017 Banksia Awards Finalist, 2018 Victorian Premier’s Award Finalist.

7. We know how it’s done locally

On our local patch in the eastern suburbs alone, over 14,000 households are currently participating in the program. This represents over 12% of all households in the region. Thanks to all of them (and you too) for their amazing efforts.

8. Take a bow: the planet loves you!

As a result, over 16 million kilograms of food waste has been saved from landfill and over 20,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases saved from the atmosphere! But wait, also $6 million in savings from avoided landfill and trucking costs. We pass this back to residents via the 80% subsidy on composting and worm farming gear.

9. Council supports composters

Originally funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, Compost Revolution in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is now funded by Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils as part of their ongoing 3-Council Regional Environment Program.

10. New products for all PLUS $10 birthday offer!

We’re excited to be launching a new range of compost bins and worm farms on top of the fantastic standard products residents have loved for years (Compost bin 200L and Worm Café from Tumbleweeed) - So there is something for everyone:

  • The Farm: A miniature and elegant worm farm for those lacking space or just wanting something visually beautiful, with choice of colour and customizable plastic or wooden legs.
  • Eco Tumbler Composter: A tumbling composter with a geared hand crank for those wanting to minimise working those muscles or who are less physically mobile or wanting to compost but with free draining ground to compost on.
  • Gedye 150 Compost Bin: Exactly like our beloved classic compost bin but smaller, for those with less spare room in the garden.

Check them out here:

But wait. There’s more: Aside from the 80% discount we offer on our standard gear, we are also offering $10 (for our 10-year birthday) off all orders for the month of October! At checkout, residents simply add the coupon code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY!

Join now to get this cool deal and start composting!

Thanks for making recycling food waste second nature!

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