Sustainability In the Community

When you are out and about in the ‘hood, making sustainability second nature can be easy.  

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Solar power your school with Solar my School program

Participate in our local sustainable schools network

Travel / road

Use car share to reduce car ownership and number of cars on our roads Leave your car at home and take public transport

Grow a garden

Learn about organic gardening methods at the Waverley Community Garden

Create a beautiful street garden with your neighbours

At the Shops

Say no to plastic bags at your local shops and use reusable tote bags

Buy locally sourced foods in bulk

Garage Sale

Sell items you no longer use at garage sales, or donate to charity shops

Book a clean-up collection instead of dumping unwanted goods on the sidewalk

Care for bushcare

Volunteer with Bushcare to look after our native bushland pockets or join Habitat Stepping Stones

Takeaway food

Say no to plastic straws

Avoid single use packaging e.g. choose reusable water bottles over plastic ones

Café / sidewalk

Grab your caffeine fix in a reusable cup – some cafes offer discounts

Pedal power

Ride your bike or use the bike share schemes in the area

Beach /park

Don’t smoke on the beach and make sure your cigarette butts are put in the bin

Recycle your glass, paper and hard plastic. (Return and Earn and recycling bins)

Ocean love

Enjoy our clean and beautiful ocean!


Join a local community group doing good in the ‘hood

Keep it clean

Pick up litter to help keep our waterways clean

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