Christmas unwrapped: 5 Tips for avoiding gift wrapping waste

Posted on 26 November 2018

Christmas is just around the corner, a time for cheer and gift giving.

Unfortunately, between the wrapping and the packaging, more often than not this gift giving can leave us with mountains of waste. And that's rubbish (literally!). 

Some gift wrapping paper is laminated and hard to recycle, or covered with glitter, which is a type of micro-plastic that isn’t recyclable and can pollute our waterways.

This year, consider gifting experiences instead of things. This helps skip the need for wrapping altogether!

Also, fun fact, research has shown that experiences make us happier than things. A membership to the zoo, a trip to the mountains, or even adopting a koala can create memories instead of clutter.

However, if you must wrap, here are a few top tips to help make your Christmas gift giving this year a little more sustainable:

  1. Think inside the box: Reusable gift boxes and fabric bags can be reused year after year to become a treasured family tradition.
  2. Get crafty: Making your own gift wrap with recycled kraft paper and potato stamps is a fun afternoon activity for the kids.
  3. Go natural: Instead of a plastic bow, why not top your package with a foraged Australian native leaf or two?
  4. Upcycle: Cheerful toilet paper wrappers are perfect for wrapping for small packages, or as a tissue paper replacement.
  5. Look to Japan: Squares of fabric can be elegantly wrapped using the Japanese art of Furoshiki.  Check out this workshop at the Waverley Library Register to reserve your spot.

Thanks for making a waste-free festive season second nature. 




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