Sustainability At Home

There’s plenty of ways to make sustainability second nature at home.

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Solar power

Generate cheaper clean energy with solar on your roof

Hot water

Select an energy efficient hot water heater such as solar hot water or heat pump - Water heating can be 30% of your household energy bill

Heating and cooling

Don't overheat - Keep rooms at a comfortable 18-21°C in winter

Shade your windows to keep cool - About half of unwanted heat comes through exposed window

Leaks and showers

Fix your leaks - A dripping tap can waste over 40 litres of water a day!

Use a water efficient showerhead and take shorter showers to halve your water use

Garden love

Plant natives to create a wildlife-friendly garden sanctuary. Grow your own vegies,herbs and fruit


Wash dishes in the sink to help reduce your water bill

Food shopping

Buy less plastic food packaging


Switch lights off when not in use and replace old halogens with LEDs


Cover your pots and pans when cooking to save energy.

Choose energy and water efficient appliances – go for 4-6 stars rating

Switch off

Switch appliances off at the wall or via a powerboard to save 10% on annual energy bill


Compost your food scraps to give your plants free fertiliser

Drying clothes

Only use a clothes dryer if necessary - They are big energy consumers, so use the clothesline if you have one

Clothes washing

Wash your clothes in cold water - It's just as good as a warm wash and you can save on your power bill. Wait until you have a full load to wash your laundry


Place your glass, paper, hard plastics in the right bin

Recycle soft plastics at supermarkets

Dispose responsibly

Drop off your unwanted mobile phones,tablets, ink cartridges, and electronic goods at one of our collection points. For more info check Council's website

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