What is Second Nature?

Second Nature is a community program to make sustainability second nature, for the good of our ‘hood in Sydney's East.

We're lucky to live in a unique and beautiful corner of the world, and we’re committed to keeping it this way. As incredible as our home is, it needs our help to continue to thrive.

That’s why we are working with you to make sustainability more than just an occasional concern. We want protecting our place to be a normal part of our every day, in the way we work, live and play.

We want it to be second nature - just like your weekend coastal walk, your evening ocean dip or your morning juice fix. That's not always easy, so we want to help with valuable resources, programs, events, and information.

Whether you’re reducing water or cutting energy bills, designing a sustainable building, installing solar power, recycling better or cycling more, every action counts.

The more people who join the collective effort to make sustainability second nature, the greater the chance we have to protect this awesome place.

Local Second Nature Stories

Key Council Projects

We are just as serious about making sustainability second nature in-house at Council, as we are in the community. 

Shining examples:

Find out more about Waverley Council’s Environmental Action Plan and projects.