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signed Care for Our Coast Pledge via 2020-01-03 08:04:12 +1100

Pledge to Care for Our Coast!

Thanks for pledging to take care of our beautiful coast.

Just a stone’s throw from the city, we’re lucky to live surrounded by world-class beaches, pools, walkways and parklands. We surf, swim and play in clear waters. Our parks, coastlines and beaches support distinct native plant communities that provide homes for over 50 native animal species. 

Yet, our home needs our help to continue to thrive. Summer especially brings crowds, and pollution (litter, plastics and stormwater) which impact our place. 

Help us protect our coast and remind everyone how amazing our coastal home is!

Taking this pledge makes you our newest Second Nature Champion! 

As a champion you will:

  • Receive tips on different ways to
    make change at home and at work
  • Be the first to know about any events,
    programs and special competitions
  • Get connected to like-minded
    local folks in our community


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Thanks for Signing Up!

Thanks for joining our Second Nature community for doing good in the ‘hood! 

Fill in the details and hit the button below to become a part of the local collective effort for looking after this awesome place we’re lucky to call home, in Sydney’s East.

You will receive free news, tips, programs and fun events to help you on the journey to make sustainability second nature.  


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