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signed Second Nature Pledge 2020-11-05 18:20:56 +1100
Hello, you should be able to choose more than one pledge :)

I still see so much single use plastic, poor recycling and general lack-of-awareness within our community. I’m happy to join an already established team to help educate and empower people more.

I also see dead-grass and barren median strips all over the LGA – it makes so much sense to transform these to drought hardy bee / bug and fauna habitats. There should be incentives for households to do this?

What environmental requirements currently exist for new developments? Surely we should be working towards compulsory solar, water tanks, green roofs etc? It seems like the bare minimum is the bench mark?

Finally, how much treated, even ‘drinkable’ water is pumped out to see from the sewage works daily? Does council reuse any of this water?

Anyway, i’m passionate and ready to help!

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