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commented on Contact Us 2019-02-22 12:48:59 +1100
Hi there I have recently submitted an event proposal for a community based environmental initiative event to take place at the Bondi Pavilion on the 22nd of September.

The reason I want to put on this event is I have lived in Bondi for several years now and have only in the past year or so become aware of all of the great envirnmental initiatives that exist in our community like: compost revolution, 3 for the sea, Transition Bondi and Blue Bondi Green.

I think Bondi really takes the lead in terms of promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness, and that is reflected on the enthusiastic nature of Waverley councils approach to such issues and the huge success of ‘Second Nature’.

The reason why I want to put on such an event is too really promote environmental awareness even more in our community, and put these great initiatives at the forefront of peoples minds.

I have worked in the event industry in Sydney for 13 years and I think having an event that consists of a mix of Artists, workshops, food-stalls, kiosks and Key note speakers in a great local venue like the Bondi Pavilion would be a huge success.

I would really like to work in conjunction with the Waverley council on this one and any advise or direction you could give me in doing so would be a great help.

If you need me to forward you a copy of the proposal please let me know

I really look forward to hearing your thoughts

Kind Regards,

Matt Freeman

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